History Brought to Life

The New Interactive Museum in Berlin

The Deutschlandmuseum lets you experience history with all your senses. The interactive museum at Leipziger Platz is an extraordinary blend of museum and amusement park and a world first. 2000 years of German history packed into a life-size adventure turns a visit into time travel. 

From the Uprising of the Germanic Tribes to the 2006 World Cup

Our exhibition provides detailed, interactive depictions of historical turning points from twelve epochs of German history. From the uprising of Germanic tribes against the Romans around 9 A.D. to the 2006 World Cup: each of the detailed scenes highlights an important moment in the nation’s past. Period pieces and interactive media accompany each of the exhibits. This unique mix lets you immerse yourself in the country’s history and understand it as never before.

Most importantly though, visiting the museum is a one of a kind thrill.

German History in 4D

The striking 3D worlds are not designed to be viewed from a distance, but invite visitors to interact with and experience history at first hand. 

Walk through a forest with lifelike trees, over creaking castle floorboards and watch shadow play behind lead glass windows. Smell the stench and feel the constriction of the trenches in 1918; marvel at shiny shop windows of Berlin during the Roaring Twenties. See the ruins of destroyed Berlin after the Second World War and experience its reconstruction during the 1990s, whilst travelling on the iconic S-Bahn.

Ready for a unique trip back in time? We are ready to welcome history nerds, families with children, groups and everyone who wants to share an extraordinary experience.

The blend of history museum and immersive experience of a theme park makes the Deutschlandmuseum so special. The Deutschandmuseum brings key moments in German history to life with interactive, life-size stage sets.

The newest experience museum in Berlin is the Deutschlandmuseum. This is an interactive museum in the heart of Berlin where innovative set designs enable visitors can immerse themselves in German history as never before.

Conventional museums display and explain artifacts. A museum is immersive when it enables visitors to interact with these exhibits, deploying all their senses to achieve a full experience. Visitors to the Deutschlandmuseum interact with its life-size sets, that include a range of sounds and smells which transport visitors back in time.