The 4D Museum of German History

A museum as you have never experienced it before

The Deutschlandmuseum addresses four senses on all dimensions. Taking you on a journey through time, our exhibition combines realistic installations with breathtaking projections and spectacular effects to recreate an immersive experience of the past. Combining the smells and sounds from past ages with historical artefacts, we generate a spellbinding experience of 2,000 years of German history.

Immerse yourselves in history





The exhibition of the Deutschlandmuseum is not only immersive, but also interactive. Many stations invite visitor participation: become a minstrel, operate Gutenberg’s printing press, dance the night away during the 1920s or design your own flag with AI.

What makes a 4D museum unique?


Multimedia Exhibition


Conventional museum

See, hear, touch, smell

See and hear

See and hear



Immersive projections


Not immersive

Detailed scenes, projections and objects

Digital, no exhibits

Painted, no exhibits


Experience and understand

Watch and look


Look and read

As a 4D museum, the Deutschlandmuseum is the first port of call for people who are new to German history; we combine the fascinating history with the excitement of an amusement park!


Visitors to a conventional museum look in a single direction. If you come to the Deutschlandmuseum, you will be surrounded by installations that envelope you in an immersive world. Looking up, down and all around, you will be engaged and enthused as never before.

A museum to immerse yourself in! 4 dimensions appeal to your senses: See, hear, touch, smell

A 3D experience usually means seeing, hearing and feeling. The sense of smell is added as a fourth dimension to completely transport you to another time.

Awards and prizes

Our visitors agree with the experts: the experience of the Deutschlandmuseum is unique!
absolutely unique!