Deutschland Museum

The Deutschlandmuseum: A History Museum Like No Other

The Immersive History Museum in Berlin

What do you think of when you hear “German History Museum”? Roped-off exhibits, dusty statues, stone fragments and a lot of boredom perhaps? The Museum of German History is different: it is the only history museum of its kind in Berlin where you can take a journey through 2000 years of German history. Looking at exhibits through panes of glass? Not at the Deutschlandmuseum – here you can really experience history. A unique blend of interactive history museum and amusement park adventure awaits you.

History, Like You’ve Never Experienced It

The permanent exhibition of the Deutschlandmusuem covers 1400 m² and features twelve pivotal moments from defining eras of German history. All of them are set up as life-size sets in individual sections and are full of intricate details. Interactive media, challenging activities and unique artifacts bring each historical moment to life. You can literally get a grip on German history without the need for prior knowledge – in just one visit and within one hour. The Deutschlandmuseum in Berlin is a history museum that is as exciting as the city itself.

2000 years of German history

9 AD – The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

500 – Foundation of Francia

772 – Eastern Enlargement to Francia

800 – Coronation of Charlamagne as Emperor

843 – Divison of Francia, foundation of East Francia

955 – The Battle of Lechfeld

962 – Foundation of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation

1077 – The Walk to Canossa

1212 – Coronation of Frederick II.

1356 – Golden Bull

1517 – Martin Luther’s 95 Theses 

1524 – German Peasants’ War

1618 – The Thirty Years‘ War

1648 – Peace of Westphalia

1740 – Coronation of Frederick the Great

1806 – End of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation

1815 – The German Confederation

1848 – The March Revolution

1871 – Foundation of the German Empire (first German nation state)

1914 – World War 1

1918 – Proclamation of the Weimar Republic

1933 – Adolf Hitler appointed Reich Chancellor

1939 – World War 2

1942 – Wannsee Conference

1945 – Surrender of Germany

1949 – Establishment of the Federal Republic and the GDR

1961 – Construction of the Berlin Wall

1972 – Basic treaty between FRG and GDR

1989 – Fall of the Berlin Wall

1990 – German Reunification

1992 – Foundation of the European Union

2002 – Introduction of the euro as cash

2006 – The men’s football World Cup in Germany

There are several history museums in Berlin, including the German Historical Museum and the GDR Museum. The Deutschlandmuseum is a new museum, that presents an immersive and interactive
experience of German history.

Many museums in Berlin focus on German history. One stands out however: the Deutschlandmuseum. The newest museum in Berlin enables its visitors not just to learn about, but experience German history with all their senses.

Leading its visitors through an experience of 2000 years of German history from twelve different epochs, it provides a uniquely interactive experience. Don’t just learn about, but engage with German history.