Group visit to the museum

The Deutschlandmuseum in Berlin offers a unique journey through German history, explained in one hour in a way that is easy to understand and requires no prior knowledge.

The First Museum of Its Kind

The museum is the first of its kind in the world: a theme park-style museum with detailed life-size backdrops. These historical worlds can be experienced with all the senses. Spread over 1,400 m², twelve defining moments of German history encourage larger groups to experience history together. Instead of having to split up, groups can travel through time together at the Deutschlandmuseum and walk through 2,000 years of the past. This makes the Deutschlandmuseum the perfect destination for travel groups, school classes or large family outings.

School classes:

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Guided History Tours for Groups

In addition to independent tours, the Deutschlandmuseum also offers individual and private tours for groups:

Overview guide

Together with a museum educator, the exhibition is explored in small groups on a one-hour tour.

Groups & Tours:

Prices for groups :

11 €/person

Overview guide:

+100 € per 15 adults (60 min)

  • Group prices from 10 people by appointment
  • All tour prices are valid for the indicated number of persons, for larger groups several tours must be booked

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Historic Berlin, Just a Few Steps From Our Door

The capital offers a variety of attractions and thus attracts millions of visitors every year. Sightseeing trips and city tours include well-known landmarks such as the Wall Walk, the Brandenburg Gate or the Museum Island.

No city tour in Berlin is complete without a visit to the city’s many world-class museums.
For tour groups in Berlin, the Deutschlandmuseum at Leipziger Platz is in a convenient location, as important parts of historic Berlin are practically on the doorstep. Furthermore, the Potsdamer Platz stop is an important hub for public transport and offers ample parking for cars, buses and other vehicles. This means that destinations in other parts of the city are also easy to reach.

A complete tour of the Deutschlandmuseum usually takes an hour. The museum can be explored on your own or on one of our guided tours.

The interactive discovery tour for school classes costs just €40 per school class. Overview tours (up to 15 people) cost €75 for students and €100 for adults.